Friday 31 July 2020

The Axe

White-legged Damselfly - male.

Chris Townend  and I met at Lower Bruckland Ponds this morning, in a speculative attempt for Lesser Emperor. Unfortunately no Lesser Emperors but time spent at this idyllic site never feels wasted, and the weather was perfect. Afterwards we had a quick look at the Axe's charismatic White-legged Damselflies before wandering along below the cliffs in search of butterflies. The target Wood Whites were easy enough to find but could have been a bit easier to photograph! Great to spend time with Chris and lovely as always to get over to the Axe.

Small Red-eyed Damselfly

Blue Water-speedwell

White-legged Damselfly - mating pair.

Can't remember seeing a White-legged Damselfly looking quite so pink on sections of the abdomen.


Ribbed or Tall Melilot - from what I understand you need to see the fruits to reliably tell these apart.

Dingy Skipper - good numbers of these seen at the base of the cliffs at Seaton. Common Blues, Wall and Wood Whites too.

Wood White - four or five of these seen but they were a little bit restless in hot, sunny conditions.

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