Thursday 9 July 2020


Juvenile Mediterranean Gull - one of 28 between Orcombe Point and Maer Rocks first thing this morning (3 juvs).

Mediterranean Gulls numbered 28 on the beach this morning. Yesterday morning off Mudbank - 6+ Common Tern, 9+ Whimbrel and a single Little Tern.
I feel like I'm making good progress with the plants but would appreciate some help with the unlabelled ones below...

Pickerelweed - Thank you Dave for the identification. Not a native plant but an introduction from the Americas and a very impressive one at that - Stover CP.

Shaded Broad-bar

Wild Marjoram

Wild Basil

Caterpillar sp - any ideas?

Juvenile Back-headed Gull


  1. The first two plants are Pickerelweed, an alien from the Americas. Not entirely convinced that Wild Basil is correct, but not sure what it might be either!

  2. Thanks Dave - never heard of Pickerelweed but it's an impressive plant. The presumed Basil seems to match photos online but I still haven't got a decent guidebook. It was on the embankment you showed me in Chudleigh. Most of the Orchids have gone over there. Thanks again. Matt

  3. Hi Mr Knott, the minty looking plant could well be Korean Mint? Take a look at some of the images of it on google, we have some in our garden that looks just like this!

  4. Hi Fin - the flowers look very similar but the leaves are wrong, plus it was growing in water. I think Dave's right with Pickerelweed - see what you think. All the best. Matt