Monday 29 June 2020


Quite possibly Epiblema sticticana but at least two other species can't be ruled out without dissection.

Did some survey work in Dawlish today - a few interesting bits and pieces picked up along the way...

Hare's-foot Clover

Commom Comfrey
Good to see Small Tortoiseshell caterpillars (on Stinging Nettle) - I've probably seen more adults this year than I have in a while, but nowhere near the numbers I used to see as a kid.
This Mullein Wave hasn't read the chapter on camouflage.
Common Fumitory


Sea Rocket (and below)

Rock Samphire
Scarlet Tiger

Saturday 27 June 2020

Unidentified Plants - Update Edit

1. Viper's Bugloss
I'd really appreciate help with what's starting to become a back-log of unidentified plants. I've tentatively put a name to some but with many I don't know where to begin. I've tried using some online keys but that hasn't been too successful because I haven't yet grasped the basics of plant topography, if that's even the right term?
Birdwise - just a quick look at the river on the in-coming tide - 2 Common Tern, 15 Sandwich Tern, 5 Mediterranean Gull and 5 Whimbrel.

Edit - a huge thank you to Seth and Kev for their assistance. They have the knowledge that I wish I had! Following their comments (see below) I've put a name to the majority of the plants that have been causing me headaches.

2. Hogweed - Warren View.

3. Yarrow - Warren View.

4. Wild Madder

5. Corn Marigold

6. Wild  Radish - Ludwell Valley Park.

7. Perennial Cornflower -  Exminster Marshes.

8. Probably Greater Skullcap -  Dawlish Warren.

9. Probably Common Stork's-bill

10. Field Speedwell

11. Possibly Short-stemmed Willowherb

12. Possibly Cut-leaved Crane's-bill

13. Black Medick

14. Smooth Sowthistle - Warren View

15. Vervain - non-native garden escape.

16. Common Mallow

17. Green Alkanet

18. Germander Speedwell?

19. Willowherb species

20. Naturalised pink oxalis species?

21. Germander Speedwell?

22. Wild Onion - the Maer.

23. Nipplewort

24. Pale Flax - tonnes of this on Orcombe Point.

25. Rock Sea-spurrey

26. Unidentified

27. Broad-leaved Everlasting Pea - The Maer.

28. Field Pansy - photographed on Orcombe Point in the autumn.

29. Tutsan

30. Dotted Loosestrife - Blackhill Quarry.

31. Lucerne

32. Possibly Common Stork's-bill

33. Unidentified - abundant plantain sp on the Maer.

34. Feverfew

35. Water Forget-Me-Not - wet areas - Stover CP.

36. Hemlock Water Dropwort - Stover CP.

37. Marsh Valerian

38. Sea Lavendar - found by the estuary between Mudbank and West Lodge.

Friday 26 June 2020

Yellow Pimpernel

Yellow Pimpernel
An early morning visit to Liverton industrial estate, following up on a reported Back Redstart, resulted in a fly-over Crossbill - my first within the Exmouth boundary this year. There's no shortage of Crossbills up on the commons which is where I spent an hour or so after work this evening, mostly staring at the ground, looking for flowers. I think it's fair to say that yellow flowers are causing most confusion at the moment. Hope I've got these right.

Marsh St John's Wort


Round-leaved Sundew

Greater Bird's-foot Trefoil - thank you Dave.

Enchanter's Nightshade
Marbled Whites seem to be having a very good year.