Sunday 7 June 2020

Some Recent Insects

Sharp-winged Drill Dichrorampha acuminatana
Still very quiet bird-wise. A quick look off Mudbank this morning produced just 7 Sanderling and 2 Mediterranean Gulls. A Grey Wagtail flew over.
Yesterday - 4 Whimbrel and Friday - 10 Sandwich Tern.
Two Crossbill were seen below Blackhill Quarry this afternoon.

Silver-studded Blue - good numbers of these seen today.

Yellow Shell

Large Skipper

Dark Green Fritillary


  1. Some great insects there Matt. I must try & get to Chobham Common to catch up with SS Blues. Pleased we've had some decent rain as the ground was parched but want some warmth now. I was pleased to find a local Clouded Yellow a week ago-about 4 years since my last local one. Had our first Marbled Whites on the same day.

  2. Thanks Neil - haven't had Marbled White yet and no Clouded Yellows. Haven't even had Painted Lady yet. The rain is badly needed down here as the ground is still baked. I read online that many moths are suffering as they're unable to emerge from underground pupae due to the hardness of the ground. Awful if that's the case.
    All the best and hope you make it to Chobham before the Silver-studded Blues are past their best!