Monday 15 June 2020


Common Centaury - many thanks for the identification help Debs.

Spent a good few hours after work just mooching around the commons. Lots of dragonfly and damselfly activity but bird-wise very quiet. Yet another Reed Warbler was singing on Orcombe Point earlier. If anyone can put a name to the flowers book-ending this post I'd be very grateful. I know they're common because I've seen  a lot of 'em.

Red-veined Darter - immature female I think. At least seven immature RVDs found this afternoon.

Keeled Skimmer

RVD female.

RVD - presume this is an immature male starting to redden up.

Common Darter - an immature female I think.

Golden-ringed Dragonfly

There's been a noticeable increase in Red Admiral numbers over the last few days. I've seen plenty of Silver Ys too. Moth trap will be out tonight...

Large Red Damselfly

Four-spotted Chaser

Brown China-mark

Azure Damselfly
 Common Lousewort.


  1. That'll be a Common lousewort - Pedicularis sylvatica. So pretty.

    1. Hi Debs - many thanks for both identifications. Have decided I really need to make more effort with flowers. All the best. Matt

  2. And the first one's a Common centaury, apparently!

  3. I would have said Heath Lousewort for the bottom one but I'm no expert mate.

    1. Thanks Spencer - had a look online and am a bit confused as it gives the same latin name for both - Pedicularis sylvatica - presumably the same species? Many websites just referring to it as Lousewort. All the best. Matt