Sunday 26 July 2020


Two juvenile Willow Warblers were feeding along hedges, in fields at the top of Gore Lane this morning.

Pale Flax - most of the wildflowers were cut with the grass a while ago, but a few remain in little patches around the edges.

Wavy Bitter-cress - growing in a damp spot on Orcombe.

Common Blue - female.
Wheatear on the dung heap this morning.

A smart flower growing in a sprawling mass, on waste ground, behind the seafront. Presumably a garden escape, but I haven't been able to work out what it is. Also pictured below. Edit - this is Duke of Argyll's Tea-tree - thanks Kev.

I'm guessing this is also out of a garden. Growing on a wall. Would appreciate help with id. Edit - Himalayan Honeysuckle - thanks again Kev.
Corn Mint - Hope I've id'd this correctly. Lu and I walked the dog from Weston to Dunscombe Cliffs this afternoon.

Nottingham Catchfly - growing out the side of a cliff - Dunscombe Cliffs. These flowers open at night time.

Dwarf Thistle - Dunscombe Cliffs.

Henbit Dead-nettle - Mudbank.

Oxford Ragwort - Mudbank.
Long-headed Poppy - Mudbank.

Long-headed Poppy - seed head.
Annual Wall-rocket - The Maer.


  1. Hi Matt

    Both garden escapes, top one is likely Duke of Argyll's Tea-plant but without checking could be Chinese Tea-plant which occurs on Warren Point.

    The other is Himalayan Honeysuckle, which also occurs on Warren Point.

    Not sure about the poppy though, but might be depth of field.


  2. Thanks once again Kev - have amended the blog and included a photo of the elongated seed-head. All the best. Matt