Monday 20 July 2020

Brown Argus

Had a lovely morning with Chris Townend, searching for Brown Argus at a 'new' site on the Otter that Chris discovered yesterday. Being so small they were tricky to find but good views were obtained, eventually, of at least one individual. Many thanks Chris! Otherwise, with Lu working, Maisie at a hair appointment and Joel out with his mates, I just pottered around locally.

Lunar Hornet Moth

Southern Hawker - female - note the two terminal appendages rather than three in a male - thank you Dave.

My first Clouded Yellow of the summer. It paused for just seconds before hammering off across the fields at the top of Gore Lane.

Common Darter on Compact Rush.

Black-tailed Skimmer

Common Blue Damselfly

Common Blue

Silver-washed Fritillary - went back up to Blackhill to crush up a leaf of yesterday's presumed 'Stinking Tutsan'. Disappointed to discover it didn't stink (of goat) at all so is presumably a garden variety of Hypericum.


  1. The Southern Hawker is a female: only 2 terminal appendages, whereas male has 3 (to grip the female when mating)

  2. Ah - was looking at the length rather than the number! Many thanks as always Dave. All the best. Matt