Thursday 2 July 2020

White-legged Damselfly

White-legged Damselfly (male) - Clyst St Mary.

Banded Demoiselle (male).

Banded Demoiselle (immature).

Banded Demoiselle (female).

Banded Demoiselle (male).

 White-legged Damselfly (immature) - brilliant camouflage!

Azure Damselfly (male).
Purple Loosestrife

Brown Plume - Bystock, and below its food plant - Germander Speedwell. One of the reasons I want to get better at plant identification is as an aid to moth finding/identification.

Germander Speedwell

Common Spotted Orchid

Greater Skullcap - I found a big patch of this striking flower at Bystock.

And below some 'watery' plants found alongside ditches at Clyst St Mary - all white and all causing me some confusion. As always, any help would be hugely appreciated!

Water Chickweed

Fool's Watercress

Pink Water-speedwell


  1. Hi. No clue on the 1st or 4th white flowers but 2and looks like Giant Chickweed, 3rd Marshwort. No expert as I'm learning myself. So hopefully someone will correct of confirm.

    1. Thanks Spencer - will check both of those. Hopefully somebody will be unequivocal but the more I learn the less likely that seems! All the best. Matt

  2. The two reasons I first got into plants: 1) a girlfriend who liked flowers 2) you can't get into insects if you don't know your plants. Also quite handy when you're twitching an annoyingly furtive bird and somebody suddenly yells, "it's in the bottom of the Honeysuckle next to that Fuchsia bush!" (Radde's Warbler, Cott Valley, mid 90s - true story).

  3. Ha! Yep you're absolutely right. Really hope to do better with the micro moths once I've sussed the plants. It's a very steep learning curve but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. All the best. Matt

  4. Matt, do you have more photographs (showing the leaves, any kind of size perspective, etc)? I suspect K will know these at a glance, but I need more info 😛 #botanygivesmeaheadache

    I'm dragging him along to Ex-muff on the 15th, if you fancy a bit of after-work, socially distanced, botanising or other nature-seeking funtimes (weather permitting).

  5. Hi Debs - that would be great. Kev's got my number. Hopefully I'll be a bit better at identifying stuff by then! All the best. Matt

  6. Of the unidentified plants from top- looks like one of the Water Plantain species but tricky without leaves to go further, Water Chickweed, Fool's Watercress + Pink Water-speedwell.

  7. Magic! Thanks again Neil. All the best. Matt

  8. Fab - I'll get him to ping you nearer the time :)