Tuesday 14 July 2020

Mixed Bag

Looking towards Budleigh from Otter Cliffs. I walked miles around the area yesterday evening.

I went for a long walk with the dog yesterday evening, following a busy day of work. Today I went for a walk on Dartmoor whilst Lu and the kids were working. I can't stop searching for new plants at the moment so the birds and insects have taken a bit of a back seat. Normal service will I'm sure resume shortly...

Lesser Stitchwort - thank you Neil for the identification.

Water Forget-Me-Not (and below).

Water Mint

Marsh Bedstraw

Lesser Swine-cress - many thanks Kev!

White Dead-nettle

Phacelia Phacelia tanacetifolia - a naturalised North American species.

Hop Trefoil

Kidney Vetch

Bugloss - and below.

Common Fumitory


Black Bindweed - thank you again Neil.

Six-spot Burnet on Field Scabious.

Hare's-foot Clover

Unidentified - possibly Garden Mint?

Barred Red resting on Redshank.


A flock of at least 30 Sand Martins over Blackhill Quarry a couple days ago included several juveniles.

I'll be back to see this, my first ever Broad-leaved Helleborine, once it's flowering.


Trailing St John's Wort

Ivy-leaved Bellflower

Bog Pimpernel

Marsh Lousewort. Another parasitic plant, stealing nutrients from other plants.

Large numbers of gulls gathering off the seafront in the mornings have included good numbers of Mediterranean Gull - all ages.

Sandwich Tern and Black-headed Gulls - Maer Rocks 12/7.


  1. I got into plants a few years ago when birding was slow and it can get addictive. Especially when your discovering and learning. So I can appreciate where you are with this and you sure are learning a lot mate. Some nice species on the blog

  2. Thanks Spencer - a very enjoyable pursuit but filled with traps for the unwary, and I've fallen in to many of them! All the best. Matt

  3. John T.
    Great photos and info.
    Matt please call me regarding moth.

  4. A good mix of stuff, Matt. The stitchwort is Lesser, yes to Potato flowers & below that is Black Bindweed (not a true bindweed as evident by the flowers!). Not sure about the mint, but a garden escape.

  5. Magic - as always your assistance hugely appreciated Neil. These garden escapes are a real minefield. Really excited to go back and see the Helleborine open. It's one that's been bugging me. Trust you're keeping well. Al the best. Matt

  6. All lovely, but we need a photo of doggo :)

  7. Really enjoying the wild flowers id. Just staggering the variety once you start looking carefully.

  8. Thank you very much! Yes huge variety but identification often tricky so expect plenty of mistakes. All the best. Matt