Wednesday 30 June 2021

Odds and Ends

Cream-bordered Green Pea.

Looks like the Great Black-backed Gulls have bred again on Topps Tiles - just the one juvenile seen.

Ringlet - Dinan Way.

 One of three lovely  Pyramidal Orchids along Marine Drive. I also counted 43 along Dinan Way, opposite Lidl, but the Bees are way past it.

Four-leaved Allseed - a plant growing out of the wall along Marine Drive.

Red Goosefoot - thank you to Neil for id.

 22-spot Ladybird Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata.

Rosemary Beetle.

Small Angle Shades.

Crescent Plume.

White Stonecrop.


Rock Sea-spurrey - some nice clumps of this at the end of Marine Drive, beneath the cliffs.

Six-spot Burnet.


  1. A nice mix Matt. The ladybird is 22-spot- a mildew feeder. Believe the goosefoot is a Red Goosefoot. Looks like Lucerne to me-don't see any obvious hybrid characters.

    Allseed is turning up in a few places around London recently-in paving, flower beds, etc.

    Caught up with just under 20 Silver-studded Blues yesterday at Chobham Common. Highlight of my week was seeing a Lizard Orchid not too far from home. It was discovered last year. Biggest frustration of the week was having a wonderful day at Bempton last weekend only for a Black-browed Albatross to turn up 2 days later!

  2. Thank you Neil. Twenty SSBlues sounds like a good total - lovely butterflies. Well done on the Lizard Orchid too - only saw my first this spring. Can imagine your annoyance with the BB Albatross - have seen the photos and it looks amazing. Never seen one and not likely to in Exmouth at least - not the best sea-watching location. Good to hear from you as always. Matt