Wednesday 23 June 2021

Bumper Exmouth Flowers

Hare's-foot Clover - The Maer.

More pottering around locally with lots to point the camera at. I'm enjoying discovering new plant species on the doorstep but it's definitely to the detriment of my birding. Yesterday there were 73 Black-headed Gulls on the Imperial rec at dawn, including a juvenile bird, and 40+ Sandwich Terns off Mudbank. A Siskin was a surprise - singing from a sea-front conifer late yesterday afternoon.

Juvenile Black-headed Gull - terrible photo taken in poor light conditions shortly after dawn.

A close-up of some gorgeous pink Yarrow.

Restharrow, plus a bit of Lady's Bedstraw.

Sand Sedge Carex arenaria - thanks to Kev for id.

Hare's-foot Clover.

Sea Bindweed.

Sea Holly.

Coastal Leafcutter Bee Megachile maritima - thanks again Kev for this and other ids!

Portland Spurge.

Wild Onion.

The Maer.

Grypocoris stysi.

Beautiful Demoiselle.

Hedge Woundwort.

Black Horehound.

Small Tortoiseshell.

Broad-leaved Everlasting Pea.

Restharrow Piercer Cydia microgrammana.

Yellow Rattle and Sea Holly.

Biting Stonecrop.

Sea Sandwort.

Opium Poppy.

Stinking Iris.

Meadow Brown.

White Ramping Fumitory.

Wood Dock.

Brooklime - Maer Valley.

Slender Rush.

I haven't even begun to learn the multitude of bramble species yet but I've resolved to photograph anything that leaps out at me...

Marsh Cudweed.

Dingy Flat-body caterpillar Depressaria daucella - feeding on Hemlock Water-dropwort.

Marsh Woundwort.

The Footballer - Helophilus pendulus. Very Euros 2020!

Green Alkanet.

A rather beautiful-looking fungus species.

Navelwort is growing in profusion all around Exmouth at the moment.

Brookweed - Maer Valley.

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