Tuesday 15 June 2021

Alsike Clover

The area surrounding the Duckpond is just brilliant for flowers. Everything has been left to grow and every time I wander along there I seem to find something new. An hour after work this evening produced a nice selection of stuff - useful for me as someone who is still trying to learn the common stuff. The umbellifers are particularly challenging. Alsike Clover, Crested Dog's-tail and Slender Thistle were all new for me. The Clover I'm guessing is from wherever the Crimson Clover originated.

Slender Thistle.

Crested Dog's-tail.

Wild Mignonette - a mass of this grow alongside the estuary, between Mudbank and Duckpond.

Wild Carrot.

Hogweed with un-ripe seed pods below.


Hemlock Water-dropwort with fruits below.

The fruits of Hemlock Water-dropwort with two long, narrow and parallel styles.

Hoary Cress. I've only found this growing beside the boat repair yard.

Presumed Red x White Campion.

Biting Stonecrop.


  1. Matt. I was only walking along the estuary footpath through the lorry park with Lin yesterday and comments on the mass and variety of wildflowers. It looks too good to be natural- do you think it was sown with wildflower seed when the flood defence project was completed? Coming over for the footie on Friday?

  2. Hi Neil - yes I'm sure you're right. The area around the 'Gut' was definitely seeded. Having said that, the area along the footpath from Mudbank to the coach park is good too, and I'm not so sure that would've been deliberately seeded. I think sometimes just disturbed earth can give rise to good growth.
    Look forward to seeing you Friday. All the best. Matt