Thursday 10 June 2021

Bicton Common

Another day-churring Nightjar located this afternoon - one of two heard. This one on Bicton Common. A Peregrine was on nearby Blackhill Quarry, and a singing Garden Warbler was noteworthy as they're as rare as hens' teeth on the Pebbled Heaths, these days. Otherwise - plenty of singing Dartford Warblers. Otherwise this afternoon - loads of plants that I'm really not confident with. Any help, as ever, would be greatly appreciated.

Rush species.

Sweet Vernal-grass - thanks for id Kev.

A Winter-cress - quite a distinctive plant - possibly Common Winter-cress?

One of the Water-starworts.

I was surprised to find Blue-eyed Grass near Blackhill Quarry this afternoon.

Black-tailed Skimmer. Several of these on the wing this afternoon. Smaller numbers of Keeled Skimmers noted too,

Possibly Slender Rush?

Yorkshire Fog - thanks again to Kev, and for the hoverfly id below.

False Fox-sedge?

Lots of Common Blue Damselflies this afternoon.

There are good-sized patches of Common Cudweed on the main track through the quarry.

 A Brome species.

Hop Trefoil.

I think this is Common Cat's-ear.

Hairs on leaves I think rules out Smooth Cat's-ear.

Smooth Meadow-grass?

Plain Gold Micropterix calthella - numbers of this micro moth feeding on pollen in buttercups.

Common Spotted Orchid.

The impressive Black-grape Cotoneaster on East Budleigh Common.

Dogwood. Gore Lane.

Xanthogramma pedissequum - Dinan Way.

 Grey Sedge. On a dry grass bank, along Dinan Way.


  1. Hi Matt

    I'll steer clear of the rushes & sedges but 1st grass is Sweet Vernal, 2nd is probably Yorkshire Fog, 3rd is a Brome but not Rye & 4th is a meadow-grass and could be Smooth.

    The hoverfly is Xanthogramma pedissequum and the last sedge is Grey.


  2. That's great - many thanks Kev!