Saturday 26 June 2021


The chief target for today's Hampshire trip was the diminutive Musk Orchid. A great day out with Kev, visiting both Noar Hill, near Selbourne and Martin Down near Salisbury. We couldn't find Frog Orchids but saw loads of other stuff including Stone-curlews (2 adults with at least 1 juv), about half a dozen Red Kites, similar numbers of Corn Buntings, plus Muntjac and a whole host of insects and flowers.

Predictably, Kev found the first Musk Orchid but once we'd got our eye in we were able to pick out a number of spikes. They really are tiny.

Dark Mullein - possibly just a garden escape.

Chalk Fragrant Orchid - Noar Hill. Hundreds of these seen today.

A freshly-emerged Dark Green Fritillary.

Huge numbers of Common Twayblade were seen at Noar Hill. Not a single one was found at Martin Down.


Small Blue - other species seen today included Adonis Blue, Common Blue, Small Heath, Meadow Brown, Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone, Marbled White, Dark Green Fritillary and Large Skipper.

Orchid species - an all white flower and un-spotted leaves.

Noar Hill. Thousands of Orchids covered the chalk pits. I've never experienced anything like it! Seven species in total seen here and at Martin Down.

Pyramidal Orchid.

Fly Orchid.

Presumed Five-spot Burnet - mating pair. Probably can't rule out Narrow-bordered Five-spot.

Common Spotted Orchid.

Chalk Fragrant.

Black Bryony.

White Bryony.

Noar Hill.

Hoary Plantain.

Common Spotted Orchid.

Marbled White.

A pure white Pyramidal Orchid.

Knapweed Broomrape - Noar Hill.

Wild Parsnip - Martin Down.

Dropwort - meadows full of this at Martin Down but none whatsoever at Noar Hill.

Basil Thyme - a great find by Kev - only the one plant found - small and barely standing out amongst other purples like Tufted Vetch and Self-heal.

Meadows of Dropwort at Martin Down.

Lots more Chalk Fragrant Orchids at Martin Down.


 Common Valerian.

Chimney Sweeper - Martin Down.

Bastard Toadflax

Five-spot or Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet.

Greater Butterfly Orchid.

Blue sp - thought at the time to be Adonis but not so sure now - Martin Down.

Forester or Cistus Forester.

Only one Bee Orchid found today.

Dark Green Fritillary - loads on Martin Down this afternoon.

Sanfoin - Martin Down.

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