Thursday 24 June 2021

Pebbled Heaths After Work

Bog Asphodel.

Royal Fern - this photo shows the sporing fronds.

The veins bifurcate twice before reaching the edge of the leaf.

Cross-leaved Heath

Heath Spotted Orchid - still plenty of these in flower but spikes in drier areas are well past it.

Bog Pimpernel.

White-beaked Sedge.

Early Marsh Orchid - just past their best but plenty still around.

Marsh Grass-veneer Crambus uliginosellus.

Meadow Thistle.

A nice big Heath Spotted Orchid.

Oblong-leaved Sundew (with another carnivorous plant - Pale Butterwort, behind.

Pale Butterwort.

Round-leaved Sundew.

Common Spotted Orchid.

Wild Rose - would love to know which species this is.

Early Marsh Orchid - far more common than I'd imagined - good numbers found on a fourth heath.

Keeled Skimmer.

Black Bog-rush.

Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia flava x Sarracenia sp.

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