Saturday 3 July 2021

More Miscellany

Snail sp on glasswort sp. Duckpond.

A first-summer Mediterranean Gull and 12+ Sandwich Terns off the seafront first thing, and an adult Mediterranean Gull, 7 Sandwich Terns, a Whimbrel and four Grey Plovers off Mudbank.
Blackhill Quarry - Nightjar, singing Garden Warbler, Siskin, several Sand Martins and Little Grebe with 3 juvs.

An almost white Common Spotted Orchid.

Common Spotted Orchid - part of an impressive display on the roadside beside the entrance to Blackhill Quarry. There's another load just up the lane, including one that's almost a metre high!

Eyebright agg - suspect English or Western?

Volucella bombylans - a hoverfly that mimics White-tailed Bumblebee.

A Eupeodes sp - many thanks Neil.

Nomad Bee species. I rescued this one which had its wing stuck to a water droplet on an Evening Primrose petal.


Keeled Skimmer.

Water Chickweed.

Think this might be Floating Sweet-grass? Whatever it is it's growing out of shallow water.

I think this is Common Ground-hopper.

 Little Grebe with two of its three young.


  1. Good variety again Matt. Agree with your Common Groundhopper & the dinky hoverfly is a Eupeodes sp.

    Seeing quite a few Common Spotted Orchids now. Went to Chobham Common on Thursday. Unfortunately the sun didn't materialise but saw just under 20 Silver-studded Blues & a few Keeled Skimmers. Strangest sighting was an immature Black Darter flying around & briefly settling in tandem with a female Keeled Skimmer!

  2. Apologies for repeating about SS Blues! Forget what I've written before!

  3. Please don't apologise Neil! Your comments are always incredibly welcome. I associate Black Darter with high moorland down here. Haven't seen one for some time. All the best. Matt