Sunday 18 July 2021


Field Erygno - Billacombe. I popped down to Plymouth to look for this today. It was in the last field I checked at Billacombe, so a bit of relief to finally clap eyes on it. Afterwards I had a mooch around Wembury. I reckon the last time I went there was for the 1987 Isabelline Shrike! It's a gorgeous stretch of coastline but it was uncomfortably hot today.

Field Scabious with Six-spot Burnet.

The limestone fields at Billacombe are a crammed with wild flowers - a lovely spot on the outskirts of Plymouth.

The obligatory Pyramidal Orchid photo. Just can't ignore them.

Burnet Saxifrage - hope I've got that right...

White-letter Hairstreak - Oreston. Many thanks to the lovely couple who gave me directions to the Oreston site.

The Mewstone, Wembury.


Pale-bordered Piercer Grapholita janthinana.

Looking towards Plymouth Sound.

Pale pink Purple Toadflax.


  1. Some stunning views Matt! It's strange how common Field Eryngo is in parts of Europe, but such a scarcity here?

    Smart pink Purple Toadflax. This is often given the cultivar name Canon Went but seems to occur spontaneously. In my garden I've had Toadflax Brocade larvae for some years now. Formerly a rarity of the south coast but certainly common around London. Do you get it your way?

  2. Hi Neil - no, Toadflax Brocade is right near the top of my wish-list! I've got Purple Toadflax growing in the front garden but nothing seems to be eating it. I suspect it's only a matter of time before Toadflax Brocade makes it to Exmouth though.
    The Field Erygno was very nice and I was impressed with the Billacombe Fields - it's good fun seeing new sites and nice to get beyond the confines of Exmouth. Thanks as always for getting in touch. Take care. Matt