Saturday 17 July 2021



Past its best and fruiting but this rare and miniature umbellifer - Small Hare's-ear Bupleurum baldense, was my target at Berry Head this morning. I'll have to go back and see it flowering next year. Thank you to Mike for the directions.

Cirl Bunting - a juvenile soaking up the morning sun on the South Fort ramparts.

English Stonecrop.

I wasn't expecting to see White Rock-rose still in flower. A very pleasant surprise!

Sulphur Beetle Cteniopus sulphureus.

Sulphur Pearl Sitochroa palealis - saw loads of these this morning.

 Greater Knapweed. White form - albiflora.

Scarlet Tiger.

Lots of Pyramidal Orchid still flowering on Berry Head.

Small Blue.

Ivy Broomrape - a nice pale yellowish form alongside the brown 'husks' of older flowers.

Six-belted Clearwing - one of several to a lure for Thrift Clearwing which Nick very kindly leant me. Thank you Nick!

Pale St John's Wort. A new one for me.

Lesser Centaury.

The Carrot Broomrape is well past it.


Small Restharrow with Lady's Bedstraw and Thyme.


  1. Glad the lure ‘lured’ Matt. Nice moth!

  2. Thanks Nick - has made me more keen than ever to see Thrift Clearwing though! Hope you had a good weekend. All the best. Matt