Sunday 4 July 2021

Frogs and Fivehead

Another weekend and another trip out of Exmouth - this time a morning spent in Somerset with Kev. Chief targets were Frog Orchid on the levels and then rare arable plants at Fivehead, near Taunton.  As always, when I'm out with Kev, we saw a heap of other stuff, much of it new for me. Birds played second fiddle to flowers and inverts but 3 Hobbys, 2 Marsh Harriers and 2 Great White Egrets were noted on the levels.


Marsh Fragrant Orchid - this morning's were quite far ahead of the Culverhole one and definitely past their best.

Female Common Blue Damselfly (blue form) - thanks for the id correction Dave.

Eyebright agg.

Common Meadow-rue.

Druce's Crane's-bill - a hybrid crane's-bill and casual garden escape.

Narrow-leaved Everlasting-pea.

Toadlet - lots of these on the move today.

Kev spotted this Flower Crab Spider with a captured hoverfly.

Four-spotted Chaser.

Scarce Chaser.




Water Dock.

Great White Egret.

Spreading Hedge-parsley.

Spreading Hedge-parsley fruits. Some possible Narrow-fruited Cornsalad behind?

Slender Tare.

Broad-leaved Spurge.

Note the warty-looking fruit that typifies Broad-leaved Spurge.

Broad-fruited Cornsalad.

Stinking Chamomile.

Dwarf Spurge.

Roseate Marble - Celypha rosaceana.


Marbled White.

Corn Buttercup.


  1. Matt. There is a heronry at Fivehead, and on the levels near Fivehead is where I hear the cranes when I’m fishing up that way. NY

  2. Hi Neil - the arable fields are a little way away from the levels but next time I'm up there I'll take a look. Didn't cross my mind to look for cranes but may make the effort to see them next time. All the best. Matt

  3. The damselfly is a female Common Blue, blue form

  4. Many thanks Dave - wasn't aware of blue forms, or if I was I'd forgotten! All the best. Matt