Tuesday 27 July 2021

Golden-rod Pug

Golden-rod Pug - last night's individual above and my only previous one below - trapped on 26/7/16 - note the similarity in dates! I've yet to see the food plant - Golden-rod, but the larvae also apparently feed on Ragwort which is in no shortage around here.

Some notables from the last couple of nights trapping - my second ever Golden-rod Pug, Pebble Hook-tip, Four-spotted Footman, Jersey Tiger, Dun-bar, 3 Box-tree Moths, 9 Dark Sword-grass, Dot Moth, Haworth's Pug, Drinker, Diamond-back Marble and others. Most odd was a Red Admiral in the trap. Decent numbers in humid conditions but disappointing on the migrant front.

Diamond-back Marble Eudemis profunda.

Ermine species above and below.

Pebble Hook-tip.

Dark Sword-grass - two last night and a record (for me) seven the night before. Otherwise disappointing for migrants with 3 Silver Y yesterday and two last night, plus a Rusty Dot Pearl last night.

Four-spotted Footman.

 Box-tree Moth - one of two trapped last night. I also trapped one the night before.


  1. Matt. I’ve got golden rod growing in the garden. Come over and check it out if you want. Neil Y

  2. Ah - thanks Neil - any signs of caterpillars eating it? Matt