Saturday 22 May 2021


Woodruff - a search for Bird's-nest Orchid, in Chudleigh, drew a blank. I did however find a patch of Woodruff and, thanks to Dave Smallshire, some Bastard Balm which was sadly not yet in bloom.

This could be Creeping Willow? - Woodbury Common.

White Clover

Cut-leaved Crane's-bill. Huge amounts of this out, around Exmouth, at the moment.

I simply had to go back to Sandy Bay to see the Bithynian Vetch, properly in flower. I found absolutely masses of it - it's just stunning.

I think this is Dogwood, about to burst into flower.


  1. Love the Bithynian Vetch-not one I see here. Yes to Dogwood.

  2. Thanks Neil - I really think its's my favourite local flower. Certainly one I'll aim to see each year. All the best. Matt