Sunday 23 May 2021

Toothed Medick

The number of times I discover a new plant, and get quite excited, to subsequently find it all over the place, is ridiculous. That was the case with this Toothed Medick which appears to be quite abundant on the Maer, and along the seafront towards Orcombe. I found more Bithynian Vetch too.

This is still the only Clustered Clover I've found. This, Suffocated and Rough Clover is all growing on one small patch of gravel, at the entrance to the cricket pitch. What I thought, and hoped, was Knotted Clover, the other day, unfortunately isn't! The search for that resumes...

Suffocated Clover - a rare clover but I've seen lots on the Maer now.

A really neat little grass species. Can't find a match online though. Edit - Canary Grass.

There is a single (I think) patch of this large grass species on the Maer. Edit - Sea Couch - many thanks for this and the Canary Grass id Neil.

A very tiny plant growing close to the ground - I think this might be Little Mouse-ear?

Portland Spurge. There's a little patch of this growing alongside some Sea Bindweed, on the Maer.

Wood Avens.


  1. Matt- think the large grass is Sea Couch, Agropogon pungens, the other a non-native Canary Grass, Phalaris canariensis, frequent in bird seed. Often the inflorescence is more compact than this.

  2. Thank you Neil - that's great. I need to enrol on one of these courses to identify grasses, sedges and rushes as I'm having no luck online! I really appreciate your help as always. All the best. Matt