Wednesday 19 May 2021

Bicton Common

The carnivorous Pale Butterwort. Look forward to this flowering...

Large Red Damselfly.

Bog Pondweed.

Palmate Newt.

I think this could be Tawny Sedge.

Heath Spotted Orchid

Round-leaved Sundew.


Pale Dog Violet.

Common Lousewort.

Common Cottongrass.

Star Sedge.

 Common Cudweed.

I thought this was going to be Health Pearlwort, but apparently that has five petals. Next to a rabbit dropping to give some idea of size. Any ideas? Edit - Procumbent Pearlwort - many thanks Neil!

Edit - Sweet Vernal Grass - many thanks for the id Dave!

Is there a better blue than the blue of Germander Speedwell?


  1. Wonderful mix of flora & fauna, Matt. Think your pearlwort is likely to be the ubiquitous Procumbent which has 4 petals. Love the carnivores-usually catch up with these on the Surrey heaths.

    Envious of your Large Red Damselfly. Last year I'd seen 6 spp of Odonata by the end of April but zilch so far, though insect-friendly weather on my days off have been minimal & not looking to change over the next few days, though the following week looks more promising!

    Agree with Dave on the grass-one that gives the aroma of newly mown grass. Nice Palmate Newt too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Neil - I should have worked out the Pearlwort - it's growing on the pavement outside my front door! Wishful thinking I suspect. The LR Damsel is only the second one I've seen this year - it's been really hard-going. Can I ask if you agree with the id of Lesser Chickweed from the previous post - it's bugging me a bit. All the best. Matt

  3. Looks more like a Cerastium sp than Lesser Chickweed.