Sunday 2 May 2021

Thyme-leaved Speedwell

Thyme-leaved Speedwell - masses of this on Orcombe at the moment. An exquisite flower.

Incredibly quiet on Orcombe this morning with just 1 singing Sedge Warbler (probably yesterday's bird), 1 Wheatear, 1 Sand Martin and a handful of Swallows. Three smart Turnstones were on Maer Rocks. Is it really early May?

Enthused by yesterday's Clover search at the Warren, I stared at some short turf along the seafront and soon found some Subterranean Clover! Very chuffed!

Slender Trefoil - this obscure little flower was alongside the Subterranean Clover. A new one for me (assuming I've identified it correctly).

Field Madder


  1. Well done on Subterranean Clover- a few years since I last saw that.

    I most often see Field Madder & Thyme-leaved Speedwell in untreated lawns.

  2. Hi Neil - many thanks - the Thyme-leaved Speedwell is growing in profusion in a rough, undisturbed corner on Orcombe Point. Do you think the Slender Trefoil id is correct? All the best and thank you, as always, for your comments. Matt

  3. Matt, I'm pretty sure it's not Slender Trefoil. The flowers don't look right but I've now noticed mucronate tips to the leaves (should be notched in Slender) so this points to Black Medick, but a rather miserable specimen.

  4. Thanks Neil - had to look up 'mucronate'! Have photographed some plants today (5/5) that to my eye looks better, but still not convinced of the leaf shape. Having said that, it looks very like images on 'wild flower finder'. Would really appreciate your thoughts, at the risk of becoming a nuisance! All the best. Matt