Tuesday 18 May 2021

Osprey and Flower Conundrums

I had a look for Lesser Chickweed this evening, and had a couple contenders - both small and prostrate, but the above and below photos arguably show florets with too many petals. A bit of online research suggests it's more normal for them to be petal-less. I'd really appreciate some help if anyone out there has some answers...

An Osprey caught a fish, well upriver from Mudbank, at 720pm this evening. Otherwise - three drake Mallard and nine very vocal Whimbrel.

I think there's some Parsley Piert lurking in the background here...

I can only think this is Corn Spurrey - I've seen it on arable land, on Orcombe but it looks out of place on the Maer.

Thousands of Snails are destroying Alexanders at the northern end of the Maer.

Common Stork's-bill

I'm pretty sure this is Knotted Clover - will be back in a week to hopefully see it in flower.

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