Thursday 13 May 2021


Suffocated Clover - The Maer. I'm getting a bit obsessive about finding these tiny clovers at the moment, and I've had some success. Suffocated Clover is a strange-looking plant and one you wouldn't notice in a million years unless you were purposefully searching for it.

Unfortunately next to no recent bird news apart from the odd sight of a large goose sp flying distantly across the bay, around 5'ish this evening - presumably a Greylag. On 11/5 - a quick look off the seafront revealed lots of auks moving and a pale-phase Arctic Skua.

Clustered Clover - this one discovered at the entrance to Exmouth cricket pitch.

Subterranean Clover - masses of this on the grass verge in front of the seafront arcades.

Not small or rare but the Red Clover is looking stupendous at the moment.

I don't know what this but it's pretty distinctive - growing in a damp patch on Orcombe Point.


  1. The bottom one is a Carex sp sedge, but I'm rather rusty on them. You have the male flowers at the top & female below.

  2. Thank you Neil - will look that up! All the best. Matt