Friday 28 May 2021


Lots of Pale Flax on Orcombe Point at the moment.

Too engrossed in flowers to notice any birds at the moment, but made a quick trip across the Exe, after work, for the American Golden Plover - a nice summer-plumaged bird but unfortunately on the farthest stretch of water so barely a 'blob'. Only my second in Devon, the first also on Exminster Marshes, on May 4th 2008.

Male and female Orange-tip - Orcombe Point.

Black Bryony - lots of this in the hedgerow along Gore Lane.

Possibly Marsh Foxtail? - growing in a flooded gateway along Gore Lane.

Don't know what this is. Guessing a garden escape.

Tree Lupin - The Maer.

Ivy Broomrape is starting to pop up behind the cricket club.

 Ragged Robin - Duckpond - pleased to find this for the first time in Exmouth.


  1. Glad you saw the plover - it's a cracker! The 'garden escape' is some sort of garlic (Allium sp.). Grass does look like Marsh Foxtail - it should have 'bent knees' (geniculate, hence the scientific name geniculatus), or stems that bend up at the nodes.

    1. Fabulous - many thanks, as always, Dave. Will look for those features next time I'm up there...
      All the best.

  2. The garden escape, which isn't uncommonly naturalised, is Rosy Garlic, Allium roseum. Quite a bit on Scilly & have seen it around London.

  3. Never heard of it! Many thanks Neil, as always.