Saturday 31 August 2019

White-streak Grass-veneer

White-streak Grass-veneer - Agriphila latistria. This localised 'Crambid' is one I've always wanted to see. Many thanks to Nick who trapped it last night in his Budleigh garden, and kindly popped in with it on his way to Exeter. I've got a soft spot for the grass moths and this might just be my favourite one yet!

Only one very brief mid-afternoon visit to Orcombe today, following a morning of football with Joel. This Whinchat was with a single Wheatear beside the dung heap, and a couple Yellow Wagtails flew over. Otherwise very quiet.

One of two Clouded Yellows seen on Orcombe this afternoon.


  1. Just noticed the way you've managed to capture the long tongue of the A. latistria. Lovely shot ... and great to share the moth with you.

  2. Thanks Nick and thank you once again for bringing it over.
    All the best. Matt