Tuesday 6 August 2019

Blomer's Rivulet

Blomer's Rivulet Venusia blomeri - a new moth for me and, to be honest, not one I was really expecting. I must have Wych Elm closer-by than I thought! The species is apparently named after the nineteenth century entomologist, Captain Charles Blomer.
A decent number of birds gathered off Maer Rocks this morning contained nothing better than a juvenile Yellow-legged Gull and a juvenile Mediterranean Gull. At least 80 Sandwich Tern and 3 Common Tern rested on a sandbar and a Peregrine hunted way out over the sea.
Off Shelly Beach - 150+ Sandwich Tern, c10+ Common Tern and a couple Mediterranean Gulls. Mudbank - 80+ Mallard and 5 Common Gulls the only things of note.

Grey Poplar Bell - Epinotia nisella - a tremendously variable species.

Marbled Piercer - Cydia Splendana - the darker, less flashy form.

Pale-streak Grass-veneer - Agriphila selasella

Light Brown Apple Moth

Marbled Conch - Eupoecilia angustana



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    1. I accidentally deleted the original. I was just asking if any Vestal are likely to stick around as I don't get them inland. Thanks!

    2. Hi Sam - didn't see them during a brief look yesterday but will post them on blog if I get them again. Let me know if there are other species you're after - you're welcome to come over if you're in the area.
      All the very best.

    3. Thanks very much for your help Matt. I tried beating the grass and hedgerows around the entrance from Gore Lane today to no avail. I trap inland on the edge of Dartmoor so don't get many good immigrants like Vestal. The recent influx of migration seems to have passed right over my head. Next time there is good weather for migrants I might give it a go again. Thanks again, Sam