Sunday 4 August 2019

Black and Rosy Terns plus 'tumidana'

Scarce Oak Knot-horn - Acrobasis tumidana. This species, as far as I can tell, is pretty rare and presumably an immigrant. If you look closely you can just about make out the remnants of the raised red tufts which help distinguish this species from A. repandana. Many thanks to Barry Henwood for confirming the identity. Its fellow immigrant travellers included small numbers of Silver Y, Rusty Dot Pearl and Diamond-back, as well as a single Dark Sword Grass.

A massive feeding frenzy of gulls off Shelly Beach first thing this morning, but I could only manage to find a single juvenile Yellow-legged Gull in the melee. The numbers of terns roosting on Bull Hill was also impressive and included the juvenile Black Tern, a 'new' adult Roseate Tern, 200+ Sandwich Tern and 20+ Common Tern. At least 7 Mediterranean Gulls were also in the mix, as were one or two Common Gulls.

Angle Shades

Grey Knot-horn - Acrobasis advenella.

More than likely Acleris laterana.

September Thorn - my first this year. Two second brood Early Thorns trapped too.

One of two immigrant Vestals 'kicked up' from weeds around the dung heap on Orcombe Point.

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