Wednesday, 2 July 2014

First Juv Meds and YLG

Four meds and a wonky horizon.

Yesterday, early in the morning, I saw my first juvenile yellow-legged gull of the summer- a typically smart individual that was always way too far off for a photo. I willed it to join other gulls on the beach but it plodded slowly east, past Orcombe Point, and I couldn't re-find it. After work this afternoon I headed down to Exmouth Beach, hoping to relocate it, but it was heaving with people so I almost didn't bother looking. However a quick scan along the shoreline by Maer Rocks revealed a nice little party of four mediterranean gulls comprising an adult, a first summer and two juveniles. Meds have become increasingly common over the years but I never tire of seeing them. Hopefully, as in previous years, the numbers will continue to build and I will get the chance to get some better photos.

adult med - a different one to the regular adult photographed the other day - note the difference in bill markings. This little group was unusually vocal.



All four birds with a black-headed gull.

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  1. Hi Matt, great to see the Med Gulls back in, had up to 3 at the Rec so far (Martin E had 5 last week) and still no juvs. Still looking forward to first pristine juv mick also.

    Re moth trapping, no haven't done any in years, trap's gathering dust in shed and not sure it still works. You've inspired me to sort out some old insect photos though and will post something soon, maybe later I'll go through my moths and post some of the more interesting records.