Tuesday 29 July 2014


I finally got the chance to photograph a juvenile lesser black-backed gull this morning. A single bird rested for a while on Maer Rocks but the poor light level meant I didn't get a very satisfactory shot. It seems to be getting much quieter bird-wise at the moment with just a single ringed plover, 2 juvenile mediterranean gulls, 2 manx shearwaters and 8 common scoter making it in to the notebook. I had just three willow warblers on Orcombe Point but was distracted by the masses of butterflies present. During a short spell at both Orcombe Point and Blackhill Quarry I managed to photograph 16 different species (small heath managed to avoid the camera lens) which represents about a quarter of all the species occurring in the British Isles.

Male Common Blue


Female Common Blue



Marbled White

Small White 

Meadow Brown 

Small Skipper

Speckled Wood


Painted Lady

Small Tortoiseshell

Red Admiral

Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell


Silver-washed Fritillary

Large Skipper


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  1. I have received information about the GWE of July 6th 2014 at Powderham. From pictures I sent to the ringer he believes it to be a bird first ringed in Lac De Grand-Lieu in Loire Atlantique on May 10th 2013. Ring combination is Yellow/Red on left leg and Blue/Lime/Metal(CA75487) on right leg. This is first sighting since ringing. However he did say to exercise caution with the ID as the quality of image I sent could compromise colour combination. Hope this is of some interest.