Tuesday, 17 July 2018

YLG and Moth Confusion

Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull. I haven't been bitten by the usual YLG bug this year, but it was still good to find this individual loafing off Mudbank this afternoon. The beach has been so busy and the mothing so good, that YLG searching has been far from the forefront of my mind.

Juvenile Herring on the left and YLG on the right.


This extremely weakly-marked Heart and Club was initially thought possibly to be my first Sand Dart. Its overall sandy colouration and poorly defined kidney and dart marks certainly had me fooled. Thanks to Barry Henwood for putting me straight. Below is how I'm used to seeing Heart and Club.
Heart and Club - 20/6/18

Marbled Piercer - Cydia Splendana - one of the more distinctive micros and one of my favourites. It's small but compared to the micros below it's a giant.
Apple Leaf Miner

Micro sp - only c3mm long and barely visible let alone photographable!

Horse-chestnut Leaf Miner - also incredibly tiny.

Parornix sp

Parornix sp next to a 5p coin to give some idea of size.

Burnished Brass

Small Phoenix

Scorched Carpet - one of two trapped last night.

Lime-speck Pug - my first this year.

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