Friday 20 July 2018

Daisy Bent-wing

Daisy Bent-wing - Bucculatrix nigricomella - trapped a few days ago but I've only just managed to put a name to it. Identifying micros cans be a torturous process, and I draw the line at dissecting or 'gen det'ing them. This tiny little moth isn't illustrated in 'Sterling, Parsons and Lewington' but I was able to narrow it down and use the excellent to get the final id (which may well be wrong by the way).

Shaded Broad-bar - flushed on yesterday evening's dog walk.

Gold Spot - an unbelievably stunning moth but not at all rare.

Hoary Footman

Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix and below could be the same?

Small Purple and Gold - Pyrausta aurata


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