Sunday 15 July 2018

Bittersweet Fanner

Bittersweet Fanner - Acrolepia autumnitella - the larvae apparently mine the leaves of Bittersweet or Deadly Nightshade. This and White-legged Case-bearer were new 'micros' for me.

Female Beautiful Demoiselle - I was pleased to discover good numbers of this species utilising little sun traps beside the stream that runs alongside the Maer long stay carpark.

Male Beautiful Demoiselle - above and below.

Two potential confusion species - Clay on the left and the immigrant White Point on the right. Other immigrants trapped last night were half a dozen Silver Y and a single Dark Sword-grass.

Male Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

September Thorn

White-legged Case-bearer - Coleophora albitarsella
Barred Red

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