Thursday 14 July 2016


Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull
Juvenile Yellow-legged Gulls have been really slow to start coming through this year so it was somewhat of a relief to find this individual loafing around the fun park on the seafront this afternoon. To give you some idea, last year I had my first one on July the 6th and the year before that, July 1st. Hopefully this one will be the first of many. Also off the seafront today were singles of Little Tern, Common Tern and Common Scoter.

I'm annoyed I fluffed this shot but it shows everything it needs to. I always prefer to get all
the features on YLGs, especially later on in the season when mistakes are easily made. I've been tricked by well-marked Herring, Lesser Black-backed and even Greater Black-backed Gulls over the years.


  1. cracking bird Matt, had a quick look at the beach early this morning but nothing there! cheers, Tim

  2. Nice photos Matt - as you say probably the first of many - I've found Med Gulls to be really slow this year in Torbay, very, very few for what is generally the best period for them in Torbay.

  3. Thanks Tim, thanks Mike. More to come I'm sure - provided they don't all end up in Torbay!