Thursday 21 July 2016

Moths in Hedges

Dwarf Cream Wave
I had a leisurely search for moths and butterflies along Gore Lane this afternoon. I was surprised to find a Purple Hairstreak - my first on Orcombe and frustrated by not being able to photograph a Small Scallop - a moth I've not seen since we lived in Rockbeare. Other moths found included Red Twin-spot Carpet, Ruddy Carpet, Common Carpet, Garden Carpet, Wood Carpet, Galium Carpet, Yellow Shell, Single-dotted Wave, Small Magpie, Snout, Diamond-back Moth, Yellow satin Veneer and Nettle-tap.
I didn't run the trap last night and birding has been distinctly unremarkable, if you don't count Mediterranean Gulls that seemed to be everywhere I looked today.

Galium Carpet

Small Fan-footed Wave

Diamond-back Moth - one of several seen - all very dark cf all the pale ones earlier in the summer.

Yellow Satin Veneer - Crambus perlella

Wood Carpet

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