Friday 22 July 2016


Beautiful Yellow Underwing
A great night trapping at Bystock with members of the Devon Wildlife Trust last night, accompanied by the magical sounds of Nightjars and Tawny Owls. Nick, Bob and I all ran our traps, wrapping things up around 1am. Many thanks to Derek and Edric for making the event happen. The species list included at least 49 macros - Lackey, Drinker, Peach Blossom, Buff Arches, Common Lutestring (2), Grass Emerald (2), Large Emerald, Common Emerald, Small Emerald, Small Fan-footed Wave, Riband Wave, Lead/July Belle, Common Carpet, July Highflyer, Scallop Shell (2), Slender Pug, V-Pug, Green Pug, Brussels Lace, Clouded Border, Horse Chestnut (2), Brimstone, Early Thorn, Swallow-tailed Moth, Peppered Moth, Mottled Beauty, Buff-tip, Brown-tail (2), Rosy Footman, Dingy Footman, Scarce Footman, Buff Footman, Four-spotted Footman (2), Kent Black Arches (3), Flame Shoulder, Large Yellow Underwing, True Lover's Knot, Square-spot Rustic, Beautiful Yellow Underwing, Grey Arches, Clay, Smoky Wainscot, Grey/Dark Dagger, Small Angle Shades, Dark Arches, Ear Moth, Marbled White-spot, Silver Y and Fan-foot. Ear Moth was the most abundant species with the vast majority choosing Nick's trap, which was positioned near the edge of the meadow. I had just 3 in mine.
Micro species included Bee Moth, Small Magpie, Mother of Pearl, European Corn-borer, Tabby Knot-horn, Yellow Satin Veneer,  Pearl Grass Veneer, Diamond-back Moth, Heather Knot-horn and several species that still need identifying.

Heather Knot-horn - Pempelia palumbella

Tabby or Ash-bark Knot-horn - Euzophera pinguis

Grey Arches

Small Angle Shades

Pearl Grass Veneer - Catoptria pinella

Large Emerald

Marbled White-spot

Kent Black Arches - one of three trapped

Micro sp

Presumed Scoparia ambigualis or ancipitella

Common Lutestring

Mottled Beauty

Grass Emerald

Scallop Shell

 Red-barred Tortrix -   Ditula angustiorana

Horse Chestnut


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