Tuesday 5 July 2016

Latest Moths

I puzzled over this moth for some time before reaching the disappointing conclusion that it's just a very dull and very early Square-spot Rustic.
A pretty good number of common species trapped last night. Birding remains quiet but I've been put off going out much by a sustained bout of hayfever. A quick look off Maer Rocks this afternoon produced 46 Sandwich Terns and 18+ Sand Martins heading low across the water to the river mouth.

Small Blood-vein

Scalloped Oak - three of these this morning. The first this year.



Rusty Dot Pearl - this and 2 Diamond-backs were the only immigrants trapped last night.

Hook-marked Straw Moth - Agapeta hamana

Micro sp

A member of the Gelechiidae family I think.

I think this is another member of the Gelechiidae family.

Common Cloaked Shoot - Gypsonoma dealbana

Micro sp

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