Monday 6 January 2014

Another Jack Snipe

A late afternoon post work dog-walk produced mixed emotions. Dramatic skies over the river before torrential rain rolled in was heart-warming as was a titchy jack snipe that hung in the wind above me after Coco (our dog) flushed it from beside the footpath. I was gutted I didn't have the camera ready as this is a species I've never managed to photograph.

There was also sadness and anger as two tough wildfowlers set out across the estuary to blast some poor unsuspecting duck or goose out of the air. I can't honestly see how they can know what they're shooting when it's nearly dark!


  1. Its illegal to take a Snipes egg however its legal at certain times of the year to blast them out of the sky thereby destroying the egg producer... Mental. I sympathise with what you are saying Matt.

  2. Hi josh - it's nuts isn't it. I just can't get my head around the fact that people derive pleasure from murdering a harmless creature that has perhaps flown hundreds of miles to find food and sanctuary.