Thursday 18 July 2019

The Campion

The Campion - only my second ever and another first for me in Exmouth. Every Lychnis is carefully checked for this species. This one has a lovely pinky flush to it, but even without this the Campion can be identified by the round-ended indent, pointing inwards from the leading edge, between the angled oval and kidney marks. On Lychnis this 'indent' is straight-edged because the edges of the oval and kidney don't actually meet. I haven't explained that very well but see below:

Scarlet Tiger

Scarlet and Jersey Tigers
Small Angle Shades - I always feel compelled to photograph this subtly gorgeous moth - a species I trap relatively frequently.


  1. Beautiful photos. Years since I've seen a Scarlet Tiger, though Jersey Tigers are now common around London. Saw my first of the year a couple of days back.

  2. Hi - may thanks for your comment. Scarlets are not too uncommon down here in Devon but nowhere near as common as Jerseys. Good to hear Jerseys are common around London - it doesn't seem like too long ago when they were confined to parts of the south-west. All the best.