Friday 5 July 2019

Southern Damselfly and Buff Mompha

Having had no success with Southern Damselfly locally, I pinned my hopes on a trip up to Dartmoor this afternoon, after work. It was absolutely brilliant with good numbers seen, including individuals well away from the wet bits of the moor. Many thanks to Dave Smallshire for all his help.

Southern Damselfly - female.

A close-up showing the 'mercury' mark on S2. The Latin name is Coenagrion mercuriale.


Buff Mompha - Mompha ochraceella - a brand new moth for me, joining Common Mompha (epilobiella), Marbled Mompha (propinquella) and Garden Cosmet (subbistrigella) on my 'Mompha' list.

Grey Pug - rather beautiful when fresh but the epitome of bland when worn.

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