Thursday 11 July 2019

Double Lobed and Box Tree Moth

Double Lobed - this is my first in Exmouth. I haven't seen one for many years.


Inlaid Grass-veneer - Crambus pascuella


Common Marble - Celypha lacunana

Pied Grey - Eudonia delunella

Oak Nycteoline

Box Tree Moth - a first for me here in Exmouth but very much expected!

Common Purple & Gold - Pyrausta purpuralis

Diamond-back Moth

Small Tortoiseshell


Grayling - angling itself to avoid detection.

Silver-studded Blue

Painted Lady

Juvenile Mediterranean Gull - one of two or three Meds off Mudbank this afternoon, after high tide. The only other birds of note - 8 Sandwich Terns.

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