Sunday 19 July 2015

Grey Arches


First-summer Mediterranean Gull - Maer Rocks (yesterday)
Quiet again on the bird front. This morning off Maer Rocks just 2 common sandpiper, 2 juvenile little egrets and 6+ manx shearwater. There are still small groups of common scoter knocking around and, of course, still a few mediterranean gulls. Yesterday morning there was a redshank and a dunlin on Maer rocks and 2 knot were off the Imperial along with a single bar-tailed godwit.
Moths are still providing interest. Last night I trapped my first ever grey arches amongst good numbers of other common stuff.

Juvenile Mediterranean Gull

Sandwich Tern - c40+ off Maer Rocks this morning.

A worn Grey Arches. Apparently a common moth but this is a first for me.

Swallow Prominent

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Buff Arches

Small Dusty Wave
Thanks once again to Lee Collins for providing the info on this Darvic-ringed adult Common Gull - EAFH. I first saw it and photographed it 3 days ago off Mudbank. It was ringed as a pullus in Moerdjik, Holland in July 2008. It was seen again three times in Holland in July 2013. Lee had it at the Warren in July 2011, three times in July 2013 and twice in July of this year. Lee assumes that it breeds in Holland and migrates over here post-breeding each year. There is definitely some sort of pattern to its movements. I saw what was presumably the same bird (a white-ringed adult) distantly this morning from the Imperial. There was also a white Darvic-ringed second -summer mediterranean gull present.


  1. Matt, have you changed your camera? You are getting some great shots recently..

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  3. Thanks Mike - no camera change - just a bit of luck recently with light and approachable birds.