Sunday 26 July 2015

Plain Pug

Plain Pug is a new moth for me, though not an entirely unexpected one as it frequents waste ground and saltmarsh. Its caterpillars feed on the seeds of orache and goosefoot. It was resting on the wall beside the trap and immediately struck me as being large and unlike any of the pug species I've seen before. The rest of the catch consisted of much more familiar fare and included a worn chocolate-tip, magpie, light arches, foxglove pug, toadflax pug, v-pug, double-striped pug, common emerald, small magpie, heart and dart, heart and club, large yellow underwing, lesser yellow underwing, broad-bordered yellow underwing, common footman, dingy footman, yellow-tail, spectacle, fan-foot, bright-line brown-eye, willow beauty, small fan-footed wave, rosy minor, elephant hawkmoth, flame, flame shoulder, rustic, common/lesser common rustic, uncertain, grey/dark dagger, brussels lace, shuttle-shaped dart, dark arches, nut-tree tussock, cabbage moth, swallow-tailed moth, coronet and clay.
Immigrant species included about half a dozen silver y, dark sword grass, 4 rush veneer and a single rusty dot pearl. All of which are pictured below.

Small Fan-footed Wave


Rosy Minor

Rush Veneer - a common immigrant species. I often flush these up from the grass on Orcombe Point in the autumn. An unobtrusive species but easy to identify once learned.

Dark Sword Grass - the second one I've trapped this summer.

Silver Y

Rusty Dot Pearl - another common immigrant.

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