Saturday 11 July 2015

Meds and Moths

At last a load of seaweed has been dumped on Exmouth Beach! With it have come the black-headed gulls and with them this morning, 3 mediterranean gulls. It was still before 6am when I took these photos so the light prevented me getting some really nice shots. The above bird is ringed - right leg - white darvic ring 32P1 and a metal ring on its left leg.
Also this morning, 2 pale phase arctic skuas showed really well, at times over the beach towards Orcombe Point and then over Dawlish Warren Beach or out in the bay. One adult and one presumed sub-adult.
The moth trap contained a nice variety of species this morning - the highlights being two Pyralids - Olive-tree Pearl and Madder Pearl - the latter a new species for me.

The non-ringed adult Mediterranean Gull. A first-summer bird was also on the beach this morning.

Adult Mediterranean Gull - 32P1

Sandwich Tern


Buff Ermine

Rosy Footman

Small Emerald


Green Silver-lines

Sandy Carpet


Common/Lesser Common Rustic

 Wormwood Pug

Olive-tree Pearl Palpita vitrealis - a smart-looking immigrant species.

Scarce or Hoary Footman and Common Footman

July Highflyer

Madder Pearl Mecyna asinalis - a new Pyralid for me and, I think, quite a scarce one.

A well-marked Uncertain

Grey Pug

This moth played dead for ages before allowing me to photograph it in a resting posture. The brown hairs on its abdomen are an extreme irritant. It covers its eggs in them for protection. I was extremely careful not to get any on me.

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