Monday 13 July 2015

Many Moths

Plain Golden Y
A warm cloudy night and another big haul of moths. Counting them properly would have taken me at least 2 hours, so I didn't, but the species list, not including those photographed, included oak nycteoline, cloaked minor, swallow-tailed moth, brimstone, dark arches, heart and dart, uncertain, rustic, buff arches, buff tip, brown-tail, wormwood pug, elephant hawkmoth, silver y, double-striped pug, small magpie, common emerald, large yellow underwing, sycamore, dagger agg, minor agg, flame, shuttle-shaped dart, peppered moth, bright-line brown-eye, rosy footman, common footman, cream-bordered green pea, clay, white satin, heart and club, small fan-footed wave, single-dotted wave, buff ermine, light emerald, fan-foot, july highflyer, common/lesser common rustic, mecyna asinalis, angle shades, smoky wainscot, scalloped oak, snout, beautiful hook-tip, small dusty wave, barred straw and clouded border.

Coronet - love the combination of dark purple, dark olive-green and white - a gorgeous moth.

Scallop Shell

Bordered Pug - bird dropping mimic.

Hypsopygia glaucinalis - a common 'micro'.


Yellow Shell

Catoptria pinella

Crambus perlella

True Lover's Knot - a heathland species that has presumably wandered down from the Commons.

Small Fan-foot

Common Carpet

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