Monday 20 July 2015

Crescent Dart - New!

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing - compare today's male with yesterday's female.
Yet another good night for moths. There were 12 silver y and a single rush veneer representing the immigrants. The rest of the catch, excluding those species photographed, included heart and dart, heart and club, coronet, double-striped pug, v-pug, elephant hawk, poplar hawk, common emerald, riband wave, common footman, dingy footman, rosy footman, cabbage moth, uncertain, rustic, clay, common/lesser common rustic, minor agg, buff ermine, nut-tree tussock, willow beauty, grey/dark dagger, buff arches, large yellow underwing, swallow-tailed moth, peppered moth, pale mottled willow, snout, fan-foot, spectacle, light arches, poplar grey, lychnis, flame, flame shoulder, early thorn, clouded border, yellow shell, garden carpet, setaceous hebrew character and small fan-footed wave.

Pebble Prominent

Crescent Dart - another new moth for me.

Ruby Tiger

Ear Moth Agg - possibly Saltern Ear.

Shark - note the two strong zig-zag lines on the forewing.

Oak Nycteoline - one of two trapped last night.

Dark Arches - one of the most numerous moths around at the moment.

Grey Arches - just like the buses...........

Brussels Lace

Above - Toadflax Pug and below - Foxglove Pug - two potential confusion species, but note Toadflax Pug's deeper colouring and the shape of the grey central cross-band - kinked near the leading edge in Foxglove Pug, curved in Toadflax.

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