Tuesday 16 September 2014

Yellow Wags

Eighteen Yellow Wagtails in an Ash tree.

At least 18 yellow wagtails on Orcombe Point late this afternoon. Quite possibly a few more. Also 4 wheatear, 1 stonechat, 6 chiffchaff and c30+ meadow pipit. Only a small area covered.

I wonder if this could be a blue-headed wagtail? It has a blue-grey cast to the crown and a nice white supercilium. Additional supportive features include a yellow throat, white sub-moustacial stripe and white fleck below the eye. It does have some olive patches on the crown too though. Compare it to the more typical olive-crowned birds below that sport yellow superciliums.

I'm really pleased with these shots. They are by far the best shots of yellow wag I've ever taken.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Matt, agree does look very suggestive of blue-headed. Either way lovely birds and really nice photos too.