Friday 5 September 2014

Early Lap

Whinchat by the slurry pit.

Definitely one of those days where I wish I'd been out earlier. Actually, I was out earlier but only down at the seafront at dawn, for 20 minutes. I birded just a small chunk of my Orcombe patch between finishing work and dinner but the birding was great, with far more migrants than I'm used to on an average Orcombe visit. Between about 1600 and 1730 I recorded c10+ chiffchaff, 3 wheatear, 2/3+ spotted flycatcher, 1+ whitethroat, 1+ yellow wagtail, 1 whinchat and, best of all, a really early lapland bunting that flew over heading east at 1645, calling several times. The big flat 'migrant magnet' fields at the top of Gore Lane - the 'Top Fields', are still filled with crops so I didn't bother chasing after it. It probably just kept on flying.


Spot Fly - I stood for about half an hour in the corner of one field and listened to the almost constant snapping of bills as at least 2 spotted flycatchers (quite possibly several more) and c10+ chiffchaff made fly-catching sorties from the ash, elm and bramble hedge. A magical experience.

Stacks of butterflies today - mostly Red Admirals. The blackberry crop looks good this year!

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